PWM Relay / Solenoid Driver for a Wide Operating Voltage Range (1 A)

iC-GE is a PWM driver for inductive loads, such as relay coils, solenoid valves and other inductive loads.

The setpoints for the coil's energising and hold current are pre-set by means of external resistors RACT and RHOLD. These currents can be set in a range from 100 mA to 1 A. The iC-GE switches from energising to hold mode after 65  ms provided that the set energising current has been reached. A capacitor at TACT prolongs the time before the switch to hold mode occurs.

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  • Current control for inductive actuators at 24 V (10 to 36 V)
  • High efficient current control up to 1 A
  • Power saving and power dissipation reduced switching


  • PWM driver for inductive loads (e.g. 6/12 V relays, electrovalves) from 24 V
  • Relay low-/high-side switch

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