Quad Differential Line Driver, Pin-Compatible with xx7272 and 26xx31

iC-HD7 is a robust line driver for industrial 5 V and 24 V applications with four complementary output channels.
At a supply of 24 V the push-pull driver stages typically provide 200 mA to discharge the line and also have a low saturation voltage (of typically 200 mV with a 40 mA low-side load). The outputs are current limited and short-circuit-proof, shutting down with excessive temperature.

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  • Complementary short-circuit-proof push-pull driver stages for RS422 and 24 V applications up to 2 MHz
  • Pin-compatible to 26LS31, xx7272
  • Integrated line adaptation for high signal quality at 24 V


  • Line drivers for 24 V control engineering
  • Linear scales and encoders
  • Sensor systems

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